START PROCEDURE:  All boats (except SUPERCLASS participants) 24′ long or less will start before the start sequence for the rest of the field. The 24’ boats will start next to Island Grissom using a separate start boat and flags.

The distance will be the same and their time adjusted to the main field’s start time. The overall race winner and positions will be based on this adjusted time. For instance: team #1 (24’boat) completed the race first in 1:02:30 and team #2 (over 24’boat) completed the race next in 56:45, team #2 is considered the overall winner.

The procedures for the start of the race will be explained in detail at the Driver, Observer & Navigator Meeting.

This meeting is mandatory for all teams competing.

The meeting will cover: approximate start times (subject to weather conditions), how the times will be staged prior to the start, driver’s license drop-off, the start sequence, turn specifics, general safety rules and any other pertinent information that will be useful in executing the most thrilling start in waterski racing.

The Starting line for the Catalina Ski Race will be the imaginary line between the oil islands White (left side) and Grissom (next to the marina). The participant’s boat may not breech this line until the race has officially started.

The Start sequence will employ the use of two boats carrying a large red flag. They will proceed from the start boat toward the center of the starting line, then turn in separate directions at the line, and head toward each island. Approximately five minutes later, the two boats will head back toward the center of the starting line carrying large yellow flags. This informs participants that the start is approximately two minutes away.

After the two minutes have expired, the Honorary Starter will fire the flares signifying the start of the race.

The race will not start until the Coast Guard and Lifeguards have given the okay and the starter feels it is safe to start.

Upon the start of the race, all boats will proceed in a southerly direction to the Long Beach Breakwater and exit the Queen’s Gate into Open Ocean. The teams are to continue on toward Avalon Harbor, Catalina, using the most direct route possible. Upon approach to Avalon Harbor, Drivers should begin to look for the “Turn Boat” that was described at the Driver’s meeting. To make the turn and be properly scored, all participants must go completely around the “Turn Boat” in a counterclockwise manner keeping it to their left until the turn is completed. After completing the turn, drivers should then take the most direct path to the finish line located at the bow of the Queen Mary. The Teams may enter any Breakwater opening. Once inside the Breakwater, the participants are to proceed to the turn located approximately 200 yards South of the Cruise Ship Dock at the fantail of the Queen Mary. At this point, there is just one last turn to the left and then a straight shot to the finish line. To legally finish the race, the skier(s) must pass the finish buoy in an upright skiing position. Skiers may not be dragged across the finish line in the water. Do not drop just past the skiing finish line. All boats must continue to the Skier Unloading Area as explained in the drivers meeting. The teams should get their skier and rope in the boat as soon as possible to keep the area safe and clear for those finishing behind. Return to the Maya Hotel as soon as possible to sign-out and pick up your driver’s license and racers participant bag. We request that you sign out as soon as possible upon returning to Long Beach.

Safety Equipment NOTE: The entire team (Skier, Driver, Observer, Navigator/Throttles) must race with all safety equipment intact and worn as intended and required prior to the start and through the completion of the race or the entire team will be disqualified.




A. All rules and guidelines are determined and/or amended at the discretion of the Executive Board of the Long Beach Boat & Ski Club. The Protest committee will have final say in any disputes arising concerning the rules and guidelines of the Catalina Water Ski Race. All protests must be filed in writing with $100.00 to the Race Director within 2 hours of the completion of the race. If you lose you protest you lose your $100.00.

B. All local, state, and federal laws are in effect during this event, and will be enforced with the Long Beach Boat & Ski Club’s support.

C. No one may participate in the Catalina Water Ski Race without meeting all of the entry criteria, including completed entry form, entry fee paid by deadline, proper safety gear inspected & passed by event’s Safety Director, Race official or Executive Board of the Long Beach Boat & Ski Club.

D. All participants understand that they compete at their own risk and that the Long Beach Boat & Ski Club, The City of Long Beach, Race Sponsors, designated “Host Hotel” and any other persons assisting in putting this event on, assume no liability or responsibility for any injuries or deaths resulting from participating in the Catalina Water Ski Race.

E. The Event insurance policy does not include any medical coverage.



A. All boats are required to pass a boat inspection held at a pre-determined location and time on the Friday immediately preceding the day of the Race.

B. Boats must run on gasoline only. No alcohol, nitro-methane, or nitrous allowed.

C. No boat shall exceed forty-three (43) feet in length. The boat is measured from the bow (farthest point forward) to the lowest part of the transom that the drives are mounted on. Notched transoms will not constitute the end of the measurement.

D. All boats shall have a “kill” switch installed and connected to the driver during the Race to shut down all engines in the event they are thrown to the floor or overboard.

E. All boats must meet Coast Guard requirements for fire extinguisher approval. All Fire Extinguishers must be charged and certified within the last year.

F. A paddle must be on board. You cannot use a water ski as your paddle.

G. A safety collar must be on the propeller shaft.

H. Safe and positive steering, with safety collar on rudder, Bronze or steel quadrants only will be accepted. Only steel tiller arms are acceptable. Boats with exposed cable steering shall have a minimum of 3/16” diameter cable.

I. All V-driven boats built after January 1, 1983 and used for circle and/or marathon racing will be required to have a 1-1/8” rudder shaft of 4130 Chromeoly Steel and 1/1” rudder blades of 4130 Chromeoly Steel, Shafts and Blades to be properly welded and normalized. Welded unit to be treated to 36-40 Rockwell hardness. The manufacturer is to provide a certificate of heat treatment and magnaflux inspection for each rudder. There must be no chrome plate or other plating material that would interfere with future magnaflux inspection. A new certificate of magnaflux shall be due each year before participation in the Catalina Water Ski Race.

J. All boats built prior to 1983 may keep current size rudder unit but will be requested to present a certificate of magnaflux, which shall be due each year before the Catalina Water Ski Race.

K. Safety guard on engine to “V-driven” and drive line to be fully enclosed with minimum of 1/8” steel or ¼” aluminum.

L. It is mandatory to have a blower drive guard to fully enclose the blower drive for blowers mounted on the front and rear of motor. It is mandatory to have a drive guard to fully enclose any and all belts, pulleys and or flywheels mounted on the front of any type of motor to prevent any entanglement.

M. All seat cushions must lock into place, or be designed so that the seat cushions cannot slide forward.

N. Any time a boat is under power: within ten (10) minutes of the start of the race until crossing the Finish Line, ALL occupants will wear full race safety gear as intended and required.

O. Numbers will be a minimum of ten (10) inches high, Boats over 30 Feet require minimum 18” numbers. Displayed from both sides and on the deck of the boat. Number plates are acceptable. Numbers must be legible and in contrasting colors to the hull or plate color as approved by the Asst. Race Director. Asst. Race Director will assign all numbers in the following manner: Three digit maximum – 0 – 999, with precedent to boats entered in previous year’s Race.


A. Life jackets: All drivers, observers and navigators life jackets must be unaltered and constructed in compliance with the “APBA Life Jacket Basic Manufacturing Specifications” dated April 8, 1991. Copies are available from APBA National Headquarters.
1) Type  “A-100” For use in an open cockpit and by an unrestrained occupant. Maximum boat speed is 100 mph or greater.
2) Color Requirements: All life jackets shall have at least 70% of the upper surfaces above the waist, both front and back, international orange or yellow in color.
3) The proper use of leg straps must be maintained throughout the entire race.

B. Drivers and Throttles must be age 18 or older, with a current physical; Throttles will also need a DMV Physical. Observer / Navigators must be age 16 or older. ALL Observers must have a current CPR / First-Aid Certification Card! (NO Exceptions)


C. Helmets must meet be a minimum of Snell 85 rating.
1) The upper fifty percent (50%) of the helmet must be a bright color of the following: yellow or fluorescent (high visibility) yellow or lime green or orange or international orange or fluorescent red.
2)  Half-shell and 3/4 type helmets are not allowed.

D. Skiers shall have a life jacket, or floatation wetsuit, with a minimum of three (3) functional buckles.

E. Skier’s life jacket must give a satisfactory method of attaching to body to insure it will not come off as a result of a fall. The following methods are approved: 1. Two (2) leg straps connected to existing life jacket and legs. 2. Life jacket connected securely to both sides of protective a bathing suit. 3. Life jacket with step in or twist locks on crotch straps over a wet suit.

F. Skier’s outerwear must be of a bright color on 50% of the upper body front and back. Acceptable colors will be safety orange, yellow or a bright fluorescent color. (Not blue or black.)

G. Water bottles – Skiers may not use any hard water bottles. Bladder-type bottles are optional.

H. All crash helmets and skier headgear must be painted bright international fluorescent orange. Headgear is defined as: helmet or nylon cap, which provides coverage for the ears and fits securely on the head. NOTE: All participants must race with all safety equipment intact and worn, as intended and required from start to the completion of the race of the entire team will be disqualified.

I. All skiers’ water skis will be painted bright fluorescent orange on the tip, nine (9) inches minimum, on both the top and bottom sides.

J. The Race Director has the responsibility to take any necessary action against any participant using unsafe equipment and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.

K. There shall be no drinking of alcoholic beverages by any participants or officials until the conclusion of all race days’ business. The use of non-prescribed drugs is prohibited. Violators will be disqualified.


L. All participants inside the boat must wear shoes. Shoes must cover the entire foot including toes and heel (NO sandals). Those not wearing shoes shall cause entire team to be disqualified.

M. Skiers may use any length line and ski outside the wake when outside the Long Beach Breakwater. NO device capable of altering the length of a ski line while in motion will be allowed.

N. Adequate side clearance shall be maintained at all times. A minimum of 15 feet.

O. Skiers may continue the Race after falling and may come aboard the boat to replace their ski. Boats must not be under power while a skier is in the boat.

P. When picking up a fallen skier, drivers must slow down and yield the right of way to oncoming boats, and then turn in whichever direction is safest. Ski lines must be kept as parallel to the racecourse as possible.

Q. To legally finish the race, the skier must be in an upright position NOT dragging through the water across the finish line. All Boats must continue to the Skier Unloading Area as explained in the drivers meeting. Skiers letting go on the Race Course just beyond the finish line buoys may be disqualified.

R. In the event you are unable to finish the race, Your First Obligation is to notify the Race Officials, with your VHF radio. If you come in under your own power, you MUST pass between the finish buoys with full race safety gear in tact so that the scorers may account for you. We request that your sign out as soon as possible upon returning to Long Beach. This is another way we can account for teams not finishing the Race. A team failing to check in by 2 hours after the race shall be responsible for any and all expenses incurred by the LBB&SC in attempting to locate them. Minimum charge will be $1000.00. With your cooperation, we will be able to account for all teams’ participation in the Race quickly and eliminate any unnecessary search and worry.

S. Vessels no longer under their own power must communicate with Race officials immediately to avoid the $1000.00 minimum charge mentioned within rule “R”.

T. It is the responsibility of each team to be signed up for the appropriate class and to have their boat inspected and approved for that class.

U. In the event of bad weather or fog, the start of the race may be delayed at the discretion of the Coastguard or Race Committee. If weather will not permit the running of the Race, it will be rescheduled.

V. Every boat MUST have a flare gun on board.  Flares must be current. (Dated beyond AUGUST 2017)

W. Marine Band VHF radio required. Channel 78A & 16. Handheld is acceptable. There will be a radio check.

X. WORLD TEAM:  2017 World Teams. F1 Skiers may compete in SUPERCLASS, OPEN or their age class only. F2 and Juniors may compete and any class except NOVICE, SPORTSMAN or OVER & BACK. It is the teams responsibility to report this.

Y. 50’ Minimum, 3/8” diameter nylon tow rope required.

Z. Any un-sportsmanlike conduct during the entire Race Weekend will result in disqualification.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Entry Forms are online at

To be eligible for a refund you must present your request in writing by the end of the Drivers Meeting on Friday. In the event of a last minute illness or mechanical breakdown prior to dropping your license off Saturday morning you may be eligible for a refund. (Once your Drivers License has been dropped off – NO REFUNDS)

CALL JOHN LUNTZ AT (562)-944-0485 OR DOUG UREWICZ (562)-597-4185