CSR Kid’s Day

23rd  Annual KID’s Day

July 14TH 2017

Our 23rd annual “Kid’s Day” will be held on Friday July 14, 2017 at Marine Stadium, Long Beach, CA. As always, the event will provide a day of water related activities along with entertainment and gifts for the children. Lunch and drinks will be provided to all who attend. Included in the activities will be boat and tube rides, PWC rides, surfboards, kayak rides, face painting and balloons by a dozen clowns, all in accordance with the child’s abilities. The CHILDREN as well as the accompanying adults and siblings have a great time experiencing new activities for the day at the beach.

The volunteers go home with an untold excitement just seeing the reactions and joy on the faces of these children having a fun day at the beach.

For information call (714) 788-2516 or email jody@csrchildrensfoundation.org

Visit the site: CSR Childrens Foundation

CSR Children's Foundation

Thank you to our Sponsors:

St.Mary’s Medical Foundation, Captain Rollo’s, WL Butler Construction, Long Beach Yacht Sales, The La Bahn Family, Catalina Ski Race Lottery, P.M. Electric, Duliam Nursery, Mike Avila Motorsports, and a Special Thanks to Jody Campbell for all of his hard work!